"Slideshow" Videos • $60/hr.

You've seen this type of video production at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, family reunions, and even funerals. Most milestone events these days include retrospective "slideshow" videos. The problem for many people, though, is finding the time to put it all together and make it look like a first grader didn't make it. CT Graphics can take your photos (digital or physical) and professionally create something seamless and creative. And with over 30 years of video editing experience, we can get it done fast and on time.

Using a combination of your photos, your choice of background music, on-screen titles, and elegant transitions such as the "Ken Burns effect", CT Graphics can create the pefect slideshow video suited to your event. So, for the Manchester, CT, Hartford area and beyond, save yourself some time and money by choosing us for your next special event. Also great for end-of-year or end-of-season retrospectives and all those vacation photos you take and never look at again!

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Edited Videos • $60/hr.

Let's face it, everybody these days has a video camera in their pocket. And the video production of a lot of them actually produce really good quality video. And some people can even take a good video — using proper lighting, framing, anti-shake, and actual audible audio. We do all of that as well, but we can't be everywhere at once. We take advantage of crowdsourcing the guests at special events to enable video editing to make the highest quality highlight videos possible.

Let's say you're getting married in the Manchester, CT, Hartford area and beyond. You have an official videographer who will make an official wedding video for you that wiil be beautiful (and expensive) and make people cry for years to come. That's a great thing. That's also not what CT Graphics does. What we do is collect your guests' video production and photos and by using video editing, we combine all of them into a complete wedding highlight video, ranging from the beginning of the day to the last guest leaving the reception. This way you can experience what your guests experienced — and have those personal touches included that are always so fun to watch.

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And of course, it doesn't have to be just for weddings! Edited videos make great memories for vacations, graduations, baby showers, wedding showers, sporting events, family reunions — just about any type of special event. By crowdsourcing the video and photos, we can create something new for you, while keeping the price way down. And, be honest, you don't have the time to go through all that video and those photos yourself, so why don't you let CT Graphics do it for you?

Edited videos include the works — video, still photos, voiceover, transitions, a musical audio track, titles, and even cool stuff like motion graphics and green screen effects if you so desire! We can produce a memory as complex or as simple as you want. Because it's really all about you. Not us. With over 30 years of video editing experience, CT Graphics is the best choice for a highlight video of your next big event.

Commercials • $60/hr.

Yep, commercials are everywhere. But, they're everywhere because they work! Maybe you're at a point in your business where you think on-air advertising is going to be the way to go. Or maybe you have a one-time event coming up like a 5K fundraiser, a famous speaker coming to town, or you need to promote a concert. Maybe you even want to let people know you're running for local office. Or, well, you get the idea.

CT Graphics' video production for Manchester, CT, Hartford and beyond can produce live action or motion graphic commercials suitable for on-air advertising. We use video editing for all raw footage and can add all the bells and whistles: voiceovers, music, graphics, titles, green screen, the works!

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"Promo-Info" Videos • $60/hr.

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We're beginning to see a lot of these types of videos these days. Video production is everywhere around us — and it's probably time for you to get on board! These videos are like longer versions of standard commercials, but a lot shorter than info-mercials. They look great put on your website, or posted to Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. You can relate an awful lot of information to an audience in video format that people would normally just skip over if it was presented as text. People will always watch video!

Promo-info videos are great for explaining various aspects of your business; introducing yourself, your family, or your co-workers to the public; generating interest in products or services that you offer; or even serving as public service announcements. The possibilities can be endless! CT Graphics can help you with the filming, directing, and video editing of a video for you. So don't get left behind during the video revolution, contact CT Graphics today!