Whatever the size of your organization, designing the right website isn’t easy. We believe that the most effective web design for the Manchester area and beyond is the result of a perfect balance of content, structure, and design. We don’t have you pick out pre-made templates that dozens of other companies have already used for their own websites. We design to your specifications, content, layouts, and color schemes.

If you don’t know anything about web design, don’t worry – we’ll help you throughout the whole process. Creating great looking websites with straight-forward and easy-to-find content is how CT Graphics can help you bring your message to the masses.

Have you ever bought a car? You probably have. And you probably know that not all cars are the same. You can't just go to a dealer and ask, "So, what does a car cost?" There are many, many variables and lots of preparation that is needed before you find the right car and then purchase it.

Same with websites.

At CT Graphics, here's how we handle all the variables and preparations that are needed before buying a website:


  1. Contact us at 860.800.9966 or send us an email at ct@ctgraphics.info and ask to schedule a free website consultation.

  2. We will meet with you at either your place of residence, your business, a neutral site, or simply over the phone. Whatever is reasonable.

  3. The meeting will last about an hour so we can ask the right questions to know what kind of website would be best for you.


  5. We will draw up a proposal based on information gathered at the meeting and send a copy of it to you by email within a week.

  6. Along with the proposal, a contract will be sent including details of the proposal.

  7. You will have one week to look over the proposal and contract and let us know if anything needs to be changed. At the end of the week, if you are satisfied with everything, the contract should be signed and returned to CT Graphics, along with a 50% deposit on the proposed final cost of the website, as according to the contract. We will also sign our part of the contract and a copy will be sent to you for your records.


  9. We will create a "mockup" (essentially a large graphic, not an actual website) of the home page of your website based on what was described in the proposal. This mockup will be delivered to you by email within 10 days.

  10. While reviewing the mockup, you are allowed up to five minor changes. Complete re-designs should not happen, since the overall design has already been agreed upon in the proposal and contract.

  11. Once you have approved the mockup, we will ask you to sign our Design Approval Form.


  13. If you currently have a domain(s) for an existing site, we will need you to transfer the domain(s) to the CT Graphics GoDaddy account as soon as possible. Our policy is that we are the keeper of all domains we work with. The CT Graphics GoDaddy account number will be provided to you. You will need to "initiate a transfer" from your current account to ours. (Be mindful that this can take up to two weeks and we are not responsible for any issues with your previous hosting company or account plan.) We do this in order to keep all websites we work with "under one roof." Your domain(s) still belongs to you, we are just holding them for you.

  14. If you absolutely must keep your domain(s) and hosting where they are currently, we will need to charge an additional $50 per hour for any work that has to be put into working with other companies or accounts. You will be solely responsible for arranging any email accounts that may or may not be connected to those domain(s).

  15. If you have no domain or hosting account, we will gladly purchase a domain and set up the hosting through our GoDaddy account.

  16. You will now need to send CT Graphics all the text, photos and other content that you want to include on your website. We are not responsible for obtaining any content for your site, unless you may need help with logo design, photography, copy writing, etc. These extra services will be performed by CT Graphics at the rate of $50 per hour.

  17. At this point, we will begin coding the website. No further style, layout, or design changes may be made.

  18. As you deliver us content, your site will begin to progress towards being finished. You will be able to track the progress online with a special link we will provide to you. The finish date will be in accordance with the date noted on the contract. If, however, you are unable to deliver content on time, keep in mind that will delay the ultimate launching of your site.


  20. Once we feel that your website is complete, you will officially be contacted. At this time, you may make minor changes, in content only, to the site.

  21. Upon your approval, we will ask you to sign a Website Approval Form.

  22. At this point, the remaining 50% (or other remaining) balance for the website needs to be paid in full.

  23. Upon payment, your new website will go "live" using your proper domain for the URL.

  24. Your site is now launched, and there will be great rejoicing! Yea!

In the Manchester, CT area and beyond, call us today at 860.800.9966 or send us an email at ct@ctgraphics.info to get started on your new website!

"Business Card" Websites

Very simple, one-page websites including your logo, motto or tagline, two sentences for a description of your business, and your choice of colors. This is a template website, the template for the examples is what is used. No "add-ons” available for business card websites. No bells or whistles, they just get the job done. Looks great on mobile devices!

"MiniSite" Websites

MiniSites are one-page temporary websites mainly used for special events or occasions, such as weddings, showers, graduations, or parties. MiniSites include a CT Graphics custom-designed header image for your event; a sub-header for a tagline, quotation, or other information; a large, central photo or illustration provided by you; a scrolling slider for photos or illustrations (again, provided by you); a large section for information pertaining to the event; buttons linking to other websites for directions, registries, or other links; and an RSVP contact form which sends RSVPs directly to the email address of your choice. MiniSites are customizable template websites, the template for the above examples is what is used. Automatically adjusts to mobile devices. Limited "add-ons" are available at an extra cost.

eCommerce Websites

Storefront website that includes a shopping cart, payment processing, and back-end access. All basic e-commerce sites use the same template, tailored with your logos and colors. Great for small organizations, fund-raisers, or non-profits. Includes up to 20 of your select products pre-loaded. Custom design and "add-ons" available at extra cost. Looks great on mobile devices.

Standard "By-the-Page" Websites

These sites are what people normally think of when the think of “websites.” They include individual web pages grouped according to services, products, contacts, history, or anything you like. All pages are fully adaptable to mobile devices.

"What’s a page?" That’s the question we hear most often. We define a “page” as whatever information and/or pictures that can fit onto two standard 8.5” x 11” sheets of paper at reasonable sized font and photo size. “Pages” do not necessarily need to be on separate web pages! They can be stacked on top of each other within one web page (thus information and/or pictures that can fit onto four, six, eight, or more standard 8.5” x 11” sheets of paper) if you like. This would make for one long web page as opposed to traditional length web pages.

Each “page” includes a custom designed standard header and footer. No more than five pictures per “page.” Standard websites of 5 pages or more will receive a completely custom design based on your input. 1-4 pages will be created from a basic standard template, not customized. “Add-ons" are available at an extra cost.

WordPress Template Websites

WordPress is a website platform upon which you have complete access to customize a website yourself. Unlike CT Graphics’ Standard “By-the-Page” websites, these sites are not custom designed, but rather template-based. Thousands of different templates are available to make your site look the way you want it to. CT Graphics can help you pick out an appropriate template, create the site, and populate content on a minimum of five pages for you. Anything beyond that (additional pages, premium templates, customizing the template, creating special graphics, finding and installing plug-ins for the site, etc.) will be billed at an hourly rate.

Website Special!


  • 6-Page Standard Website
    with custom template and page design
  • One Basic Slideshow (up to 10 slides)
  • One Basic Photo Gallery (up to 10 photos)
  • Google Calendar or Map
  • Content Management System
  • Twitter or Facebook Feed
  • Statistical Data Tracking
  • First Year of Annual Internet Hosting
  • First Year of Annual Domain Registration
  • First Year Dedicated Email Address
  • Fully adaptable to mobile devices
  • All images optimized for web
  • Major search engine submission
  • Basic on-page SEO
  • Extra cool stuff if needed!

A $1725 value for only $1500 – you save over $200!

In the Manchester, CT area and beyond, call us today at 860.800.9966 or send us an email at ct@ctgraphics.info to get started on your new website!

Web Services • $50/hr.

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A website is an investment in your business. It is the best advertising you can possibly have - a 24-hour-a-day billboard/brochure/info-pack stuffed with everything you can possibly want your customer to know about your business. If you include e-commerce, a website can also bring in actual dollars at any hour of the day from anywhere in the world. That's why a quality, professionally designed and developed website is a necessity for business today.

The return on an investment like a quality website can be hundredfold. There is no overstating to importance of a quality professional website. CT Graphics vows to provide to you the best web services and customer service possible in order to protect your investment.


If you're too busy to keep up your website, we can do it for you! We can update your website at any time you choose, based on your input and expectations. It doesn't even need to be a CT Graphics website!

WebMaster Services:
$50 per hour


CT Graphics has its own web hosting to get your website up on the internet. Web hosting is like renting a tiny piece of the internet so that the public can access your site. Our hosting costs $100 per year per site.

Domains &

Domains are the www.whatever.com you type in to get to a website. Email is a virtual "mailbox" that has a name and lives at that domain. Owning a domain and an email address is a little like renting a small piece of the internet that you can use. We offer domains at $25 per year, and email addresses at that domain for $100 per year, per address.


Do you want a great and professional website, but have no photos or don't know how to write? No fear! We have people that can assist you.

Additional Web Services:
$50 per hour

In the Manchester, CT area and beyond, call us today at 860.800.9966 or send us an email at ct@ctgraphics.info to find out more about our web services!

We Meet Any Budget!

We can develop a website for you with as much, or as little information, as you like. Small budget? No website too small! Big budget? We can add all the bells and whistles!

In the Manchester, CT area and beyond, call us today at 860.800.9966 or send us an email at ct@ctgraphics.info to get started on your new website!