Custom designed printed products, websites, and multimedia for the Greater Albany NY, Springfield MA, and Hartford CT areas
.....and beyond.....

We're CT Graphics, and we know that, yeah, you could do it yourself. You can spend three hours of graphic design on that flyer for a yard sale. You can do some multimedia design on that video production of yours. It'll only take you around six hours. And those "free" websites you've had you're eye on? The web design alone will take about twelve hours total to put that sucker together. And that's not to mention the logo and graphics you'll need.

Custom designed banners
Custom designed billboards
Custom designed book covers
Custom designed booklets
Custom designed business cards
Custom designed Business Card Websites
Custom designed By-the-Page Websites
Custom designed CD covers
Custom designed commercials
Custom designed business forms
Custom designed E-commerce Websites
Custom designed email marketing
Custom designed flyers
Custom designed hat graphics
Custom designed hoodie graphics
Custom designed lawn signs
Custom designed labels and packaging
Custom designed logos
Custom designed menus
Custom designed mini websites
Custom designed post cards
Custom designed powerpoint presentations
Custom designed promo videos
Custom designed signs of all kinds
Custom designed slideshow videos
Custom designed social media graphics
Custom designed stickers
Custom designed trifolds and brochures
Custom designed tee shirt graphics
Custom designed video editing
Custom designed web banners
Custom designed invitations
Custom designed door hangers
Custom designed magnets
Custom designed posters
Custom designed presentation folders
Custom designed programs
Custom designed rack cards
Custom designed tickets

Sometimes, when it comes to printed products, web design, or multimedia, you just need a professional. In the Greater Albany, Springfield, and Hartford areas, you probably wouldn't try to build your own house if you're not a contractor. You probably won't do serious car repair unless you're a mechanic. And don't even get me started with plumbing or electrical work. Sometimes, without a professional, a project can turn into a real mess.

We offer custom design that saves money and time. We do the multimedia design work that you can't do, shouldn't do, or don't have the time to do. Because time equals money. High-quality custom web, print, or other multimedia design simply looks better, takes less time to produce, and saves you overall hassle when handled by professionals. Which we are. CT Graphics has over 30 years experience in the business, designing printed products, websites, graphics, logos, video production, and other types of multimedia. We've grown and adapted with the changing times and modern technology.

We design custom media, built from the ground-up, with lots of care, love, and attention to detail. Because you deserve something unique. We design what you want, not what we think you should have. No templates, no one-size-fits-all, no messing around. We communicate back-and-forth with you until you get the final product you're looking for.

We also can cater to pretty much any budget, and no job is ever too small.

So give us a call. We like calls. And, especially if you live in the Greater Albany NY, Springfield, MA, or Hartford, CT areas, we'd love to work with you.